Jules Does

Jules Does K-Pop Academy

I am absolutely thrilled to be dusting off this blog to chronicle my time at the 6th K-Pop Academy at the Korean Cultural Centre in London. I’ll update this page with info about the things we did every week and with my homework assignments for all my fellow K-Pop fans, known and unknown. You can also click on the image for the post listed below, if that’s your thing.


Week One: Introductions

Week Two: Food

Week Three: Hangul

Week Four: Dance

Week Five: Korean Art

Week Six: The Korean War

Week Seven: Korean Film

Week Eight: Hanbok

Week Nine: Samulnori

Week Ten: K-Pop

Week Eleven: Korean Games


Oooo Kyuhyun

Week One: What Makes K-Pop So Attractive?

Week Two: Cooking Korean Food

무지개 = rainbow

Week Three: Learn Korean With K-Pop

Week Four: Korean Traditional Dance

Week Five: Spotlight on Song Byeok


Week Five (Bonus): The Moon Jar

Week Six: Korean History Through Film

Week Seven’s homework was to promote the Korean Film Festival through social media, so it will not appear here.

Week Eight: Designing a K-Pop Academy Hanbok

Week Nine: Arirang

Bigbang Fantastic Baby Gif 10 by SMoran

Week Ten: K-Pop Desert Island Discs


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