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Thankfully we weren’t as bad as this.

Ok, so, this week’s K-Pop Academy class was super challenging: we were learning the dances for Sistar’s ‘Touch My Body’ and Exo’s ‘Overdose’. Here’s what we were up against (Sistar, like this blog, might be NSFW):


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Below is my homework for Week 3 of the 6th K-Pop Academy on common words in K-Pop. Enjoy!

Learn the Korean alphabet with T.O.P (at around the 2 minute mark)!

The homework task I’ve chosen for this week is to illustrate words or phrases I’ve picked up through K-Dramas and K-Pop. I mentioned in my earlier post that there are resources which can help fans to learn Korean through K-Pop songs, so this is a good opportunity to demonstrate common Korean terms that a K-Pop fan can hear frequently. Obviously ‘love’ is particularly popular! Below each picture I’ve posted the video that the word came from, so we can all learn together.

I am not good at drawing, so please be gentle with me 🙂

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