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Below is my homework for Week 2 of the K-Pop Academy, in which I attempt to cook a Korean meal. Enjoy!

Before we begin, please enjoy this entirely ridiculous Super Junior music video, starring Sunny from SNSD. I guarantee it will be the only video you will ever see featuring a vomiting cartoon dog, a man on the toilet talking to an anime character, and grown men with ponytails.

I love cooking. I do it every day. Inexplicably, hitting things with a knife and tactically burning meat really relaxes me and helps me take my mind off other things, like how I got rained on on the way to work, or that embarrassing thing I did a few years ago (DO NOT ASK). So I was super excited when one of our homework options for Week 2 of K-Pop Academy was to cook a Korean dish! It had to be something that we’d never cooked before, so I got out the lovely Korean cookbook my friend gave me for my birthday, Chung Jae Lee’s Korean Cookbook: A Twist on the Traditional.


Then, because marriage is about compromise, I got my husband to pick a dish that he thought looked good and one or two sides (for the proper Korean experience). We decided on duck breast with rice, basil mushrooms, kimchi and sesame spinach.

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Excited for Korean cooking!


This week, we did FOOD! And I took PICTURES! (some pictures are also from the KCCUK’s FB page, and I am very grateful)

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