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Jules Does K-Pop Academy: Week 4!

Posted on: October 15, 2014

Thankfully we weren’t as bad as this.

Ok, so, this week’s K-Pop Academy class was super challenging: we were learning the dances for Sistar’s ‘Touch My Body’ and Exo’s ‘Overdose’. Here’s what we were up against (Sistar, like this blog, might be NSFW):


I should mention now that I am not so hot at the dancing. I have been trying to learn the ‘Last Romeo’ routine for weeks and just can’t crack the bloody thing – I just don’t have a very good sense of how one move leads into another. Thankfully, on Saturday we had two very patient teachers, Tammy and Caroline from the LOKO Dance Group, to lead us through the moves. If any of you are keen to learn how to dance to a particular K-Pop song, I highly recommend them. Plus, Annabelle, one of our members, was in a K-Pop dance troupe of her own, so she was able to offer some really helpful pointers to us noobs. Thank you Annabelle!

Anyway, I should have been on my guard when just the warmup left me aching and breathless! We were only learning the chorus parts to each of the songs (phew) but even those were still challenging – it was really astounding how many moves the dancers fit into just 3 or 4 seconds of music.

First up was Sistar, so there was lots of touching of the body, as you might expect.

Melissa and Daniel being good sports.

Can you spot me demonstrating the opposite of good posture?

It was really good to be in such a non-judgemental group, otherwise we all might have felt much more self-conscious than we actually needed to.

After we’d made steps towards mastering Sistar, we started on Exo. That was much, much harder.

I feel you, Sofia.

The difference between the girl group and boy group choreography was really noticeable- EXO’s moves were so much more punchy and stampy (there were lots of tapping and smashing and pulling motions) than Sistar’s, which tended to be much more fluid and gentle.

After we’d looked at both dances, we were divided into three teams to perform both dances – I was in Team 3, and we gave it our best shot (even if I was terrible at staying in formation – sorry guys!).

Team 3, featuring Julia’s Game Face (with bonus Horrible Tracksuit Bottoms).

All the teams danced really well and with great enthusiasm, but Team 2 won the day (no doubt because of their superior knowledge of Exo choreography) – well done Team 2! Daniel, from our team, was also selected for a prize by our teachers for being so enthusiastic, which he absolutely deserved.

Seen here: Daniel totally earning that prize.

I think what a lot of us took away from this class is a deeper understanding of the incredible amount of effort and energy that goes into learning and performing a K-Pop dance and how hard the performers have to practice to give that flawless result that is such a hallmark of K-Pop. It’s not easy being an idol.

Sweaty and happy.

As usual, we have several options for homework this week, one of which is to do a dance cover of our own choosing. In case you couldn’t tell by now, I will not be doing that particular assignment (essays about traditional dance are much more my style – expect that later in the week), but in case you wanted to see what our dances could have looked like, please enjoy Annabelle’s homework [EDIT: it turns out this wasn’t her homework, this was just for fun, because Annabelle is a dancing machine]:

[EDIT 2: Annabelle’s actual homework is below and it’s as awesome as you’d expect.]


3 Responses to "Jules Does K-Pop Academy: Week 4!"

ahhaahahahahah nice to get a mention!!!!! 🙂

Lol Team 2 won because of their superior knowledge of Exo choreography??

Totally! They abandoned the thing we were all really worried about and went for some other part of the song that we hadn’t even learned – they totally deserved it.

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