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Jules Does K-Pop Academy Homework : Learn Korean with K-Pop!

Posted on: October 10, 2014

Below is my homework for Week 3 of the 6th K-Pop Academy on common words in K-Pop. Enjoy!

Learn the Korean alphabet with T.O.P (at around the 2 minute mark)!

The homework task I’ve chosen for this week is to illustrate words or phrases I’ve picked up through K-Dramas and K-Pop. I mentioned in my earlier post that there are resources which can help fans to learn Korean through K-Pop songs, so this is a good opportunity to demonstrate common Korean terms that a K-Pop fan can hear frequently. Obviously ‘love’ is particularly popular! Below each picture I’ve posted the video that the word came from, so we can all learn together.

I am not good at drawing, so please be gentle with me 🙂

태양 = sun

태양 = sun

태양 (pronounced taeyang) means ‘sun’, but it’s also the name of one of the members of Big Bang. Fun fact – in Japan, he goes by the name sol, the Latin for ‘sun’. There are too many videos to post here, so please enjoy this one:

Weird 001

이상해 = weird

이상해 (pronounced eesangay) means ‘weird’ or ‘strange’. You can hear it said clearly at the beginning of Block B’s ‘Jackpot’ – the opening sentence translates (roughly) to ‘These guys are weird’.

나비 = butterfly

나비 = butterfly

나비 (pronounced nah-bee) means ‘butterfly’. I know my drawing looks like it’s covered in sponsorship stickers like some kind of NASCAR driver, but it’s supposed to be a butterfly. Honest. I’m currently very much enjoying f(x)’s song ‘Butterfly’ from their latest album, Red Light. You guys should check it out!

가지마 = don't go

가지마 = don’t go

Any K-Drama fan worth their salt can tell you that 가지마 ( pronounced kajima) means ‘don’t go’, especially if they’ve seen the (utterly, totally heartrending) movie Werewolf Boy. Kajima also crops up a lot in K-Pop, such as in this cheeky song by GD and T.O.P., which means ‘Don’t Go Home’.

거짓말 = lie, 거짓말이야 = you're lying

거짓말 = lie, 거짓말이야 = you’re lying

Ok, so I made a small mistake on this one, I’m sorry. 거짓말이야 (pronounced keojimaliya) really means ‘you’re lying’, so sorry for the above error. Still! 거짓말 (pronounced keojimal) means ‘lie’, so we’ve all learned something.

Early in their career, Big Bang did a great song called ‘Lies’:

And BTS frequently accuse you of lying in their song ‘No More Dream’:

Love 001

사랑해 = I love you

사랑해 (pronounced saranghae) means ‘I love you’, and is perhaps the first word that many K-Drama and K-Pop fans learn. It should be noted that this way of phrasing it is quite informal – a more formal way of telling someone that you love them is 사랑해요 (pronounced saranghaeyo). Here’s Taeyang again with a great example:

무지개 = rainbow

무지개 = rainbow

Last but not least, 무지개 (ppronounced moojigae) means ‘rainbow’. I saved this one for last because it’s my favourite! Once again, f(x) have done a great song called ‘Rainbow on thair latest album, Red Light:

I hope this helped you learn a little more about Korean through K-Pop. What’s your favourite Korean word?


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Love the drawings ㅋㅋ

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